Jumaat, 19 Jun 2009

Badminton match at Garment Land

25 Jamadil Akhir 1430H

Once upon a time...

anywhere in the realm of imagination; the prosperous Garment Land, formed by 13 diverse clothe racks, was ruled by the ingenious ruler, Royal Tengkolok.

One day, Tengkolok ordered a royal mixed-doubles badminton match. The chosen participants were Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung, Changshan and Qipao, and, Kurta and Sari. Garments from across the racks came that placid morning.

As the match progressed, an odd-fashioned garment suddenly descended into the court. The Security Uniforms immediately detained the intruding garment. Introducing itself as Lingerie, it offensively challenged the players to a back-to-back duel.

Unbeknown to the arrogant Lingerie, the players are professionals refining their ambidexterity by playing in their less-dominant hand. The match was intended as a ‘warming-up’ session.

Tengkolok sent the participants on a trip to meet the glorious Champion’s Robe while Lingerie was sent to the horrifying Washing Machine who lived in the neighboring Dhobi Land.

Thanks to Ian Yates for the Adobe Illustrator tutorial :).
See the tutorial here, Create the First Page of a Fairy Tale Story Book, with a Hint of Kitsch.

Thanks to Mei Mei for the help with the terms: Changshan, Cheongsam, and Qipao.

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Kim berkata...

I love your take on the fairytale tutorial. It looks gorgeous, well done!

Gula "gulaley" Kapas berkata...

@ Kim

Thank you :D. Great website you got there :)

When i was small, i read some book that suggested me to challenge myself by not following the same path i took earlier. For example, if i came to school using this path, then on the way home i should take another path.

The same reason goes here; i followed the tutorial, at the same time made my own path.