Khamis, 21 Februari 2008

Haiku: Wakeup - denial - reality

13 Safar 1429H

Pic 1 -

Hurm.. the repetition of a denial in the song,
Nirvana -- Smells Like Teen Spirit,
kept ringing in my head.

Urmm.. what am i denying? Aiyaa this subconscious mind of mine ;p

*shiver shiver shiver* it feels so cold and i'm shivering and blue in fingers and toes. Dunno why. Maybe because it's too late at night / too early in the morning, me joining the dew dancing till sunlight ;p

Isnin, 18 Februari 2008

Resipi: Kuzi ayam

10 Safar 1429H

Thanx to my mum for the recipe, see Pic 1.

Pic 1 - The emailed recipe.

My mum accidentally left out one more item
  • 2-4 tomatoes


By the way, it's written in Malay + English *and i don't mean Manglish ;p*

Haiku: New life - arrives - welcome

10 Safar 1429H

Pic 1 -

Jumaat, 15 Februari 2008

Ahad, 10 Februari 2008

Xinnian kuaile. Gongxi facai

2 Safar 1429H

A li'l bit of learning today ;)

xīn (new)

nián (year)

kuài (fast)

lè (happy)

Pic 1 - Xīnnián kuàilè.

gōng (respectful)

xĭ (to be fond of)

fā (to send out)

cái (money)

Pic 2 - Gōngxĭ fācái.

Credits to these sites for the characters, information, translation, crosschecking, etc
- Wikipedia: Chinese New Year
- Xiaoma Cidian