Khamis, 6 Disember 2007

My first haiku

26 Zulkaedah 1428H

Uhh.. What is a haiku?
Dunno. Beats me. ;p *Nyah~ha~haha~!*

i don't actually know how to write a haiku but gave it a try anyway. The result: Pic 1 is my first haiku *i think it's my first ;p*

Pic 1 - My first haiku! ;D

The cat's nick is Sembelit if not Snowy ;p Twasn't me who named it! To me, he's The World's Most Handsome Cat! ;D

Ahad, 2 Disember 2007

Asma ul-Husna a.k.a. 99 Names of Allah

Update: 22 May 2009

22 Zulkaedah 1428H

Pic 1 - Asma ul-Husna, written.

Asma ul-Husna.mp3
Asma ul-Husna, audio.
This is how i came to memorize the Asma ul-Husna. Heard it on telly ever since i was a wee lass ;p. They've stopped airing it during my late primary school life and has never been played since then; i wonder why.

Pic 2 - Asma ul-Husna, handout from secondary school.
Printed on paper school kids of my days call kertas gelek. Used to recite it at daily assemblies held in the morning before class, except for weekly assemblies. Thanx teachers, for the handout! ;)

Pic 3 - A repeat of Pic 1 without background.

Cross-checked the list in Pic 1 with a few sources. Amongst them
- Asma' al Husna - 99 Names of Allah
- books
Pic 2
- The Most Beautiful Names of Allah

Correct me if there's any mistake.