Rabu, 30 Jun 2010

Cotton photo freebies. Kepompong. Cocoon

18 Rejab 1432H

Pic 1 - The Polaroid photo. Kepompong. Cocoon.

Pic 2 - The original photo.

Pic 3 - Alternative shots.
The plant seen here is a medicinal plant named "pokok hempedu bumi" (Andrographis paniculata).

Pic 4 - Alternative shots.

Pic 5 - Alternative shots.

Quote from my LiveJournal blog:
Pictures to share and use. i don't know much about licensing but i still want to share them with anyone who wishes to view or use them. What a waste it would be if these pictures were lost when my eyes were the only pair to see them. If use of these pictures will serve any good, you are welcome.
Funny, i'm quoting myself! :p

To learn how to create a polaroid frame, see here, Polaroid frame effect using GIMP. I had to do some extra modifications for Pic 1 because Blogger does not support transparency, thus is why the pic is JPEG instead of PNG.