Isnin, 10 September 2007

Pantun Puasa 1428H

A pantun made special for Ramadan 1428H -- one week in advance! *ha~ha!* Sorry to those i didn't SMS this pantun -- i didn't have your number. Anyway, enjoy this pantun :D

Kebaya putih kancing suasa,
Cheongsam putih motif rerama;

Hey kawan, "Selamat berpuasa!",

Nanti teraweh sama-sama!

23:14, 6 Sept Y2K7, Ra. [Seksyen 19, Shah Alam]

For activities like this, i miss berbalas pantun with En. Kamaruddin (alaa.. lecturer Math Kejut masa 1st Yr, 1st Sem) and a few other souls who are game for a pantun-combat with me. Long time no pantun-pantin with him or anyone else. The last time i sent a pantun to him, he SMS someone else's pantun *oit! that's cheating!* Lost contact.

To anyone who knows Teacher Zurainee of SM3K2, please tell her i miss her! *weep!*
Teacer Z: i love you!
Class 5A: i love you too!
*weep!* Another pantun-opponent i lost contact with.

Ckaymaiel, i'm waiting for your reply pantun! You owe me one! ;p *nyah~ha~ha!* By the way, remember once back then when we were in Form 2 (before you pindah), you wished we could have iftar together *yeah, i know i'm reminiscing* Hope we can this Ramadan :) It can also be a visit to repay for the kenduri kesyukuran i forgot all about, so sorry! :s

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