Ahad, 9 September 2007

Gulaley.. What does it mean, eh?!


is the Kelantanese/Terengganuian term for 'candy floss/cotton candy' (English) or 'gula kapas' (Malay). It's good to take note that it is impossible to store the Kelantanese/Terengganuian dialect in written form. No matter how you or any linguists try to write Kelantanse/Terengganuian words, the pronunciation will never come out right. So it's best you grab a nearby Kelantanese/Terengganuian and force him/her to say the words you want to hear :p

Thus the spelling 'gulaley' is not sure to be correct since it can also be spelled as 'gulale' or 'gulalei' or 'gulalir' -- so how come i chose this spelling over the others? Simple, nobody has yet to register with this username (gulalir is still available!) and plus the fact that i'm a bag of lazy bones to type/remember either long names or names with numbers :p

What's with the 'Kelantanese/Terengganuian'?
i dunno which state's dialect the word originates from. So as to stay on the safe side and jaga perasaan (look-after the feelings) people from these states (Kelantan/Terengganu), that's why i wrote it as so. Anybody knows? i'm too lazy to check the word in Kamus Dewan (the official Malay-Malay dictionary) or Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka online.

By the way, i'm from neither states.. i'm a Malaccan *nyah~ha~ha!* :p

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