Sabtu, 29 September 2007

To: Naziha, "Berlalunya Seorang Musafir"

Pic 1 - Naziha's "Berlalunya Seorang Musafir" in her handwriting.

Pic 2 - Wrapping.
i really like this fancy wrapping paper.

Pic 3 - Secondary school notebook.

Hey, Naziha! You'd never know what i found! Remember this (see Pic 1)?

i think it was written in 1998 for the school's yearbook, Ceria! i can't remember how i got to keep it.

Found it somewhere between the slips of paper in the cover of this wrapping (se Pic 2) of this small, very valuable notebeook (see Pic 3) :D The notebook is something new, started in 2000 so i don't think you've ever seen it. The funny things is, i've had this notebook around until now but it's yet to be filled up! Got moderately lots of pages with empty unwritten horizontal lines ;p

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Misz Naziha berkata...

Oh my God. Macam x percaya ko ade lagi poem aku tu. Ntah bila zaman aku tulih benda tu. Siap ade nama pena- pena hiba!! Giler kelakar aku time tu. Anyway aku dah lama x menulih sajak2x ni sbb aku bz giler skang ni. My final year is killing me.