Khamis, 4 September 2008

Rabu, 3 September 2008

Ge hua ru ge yan

3 Ramadan 1429H

Pic 1 -

The proverb in Pic 1 is from the post (that is not mine :p),
Chinese Proverb of the day 070515.

The meaning of the proverb, 各花入各眼 (gè huā rù gè yǎn), is,

Different flowers matche different eyes
[Beauty is in the eye of the beholder]

~~ from the post Chinese Proverb of the day 070515
at CozyChinese.COM

i know there's a typo in the quotation but i purposely let it be as it is ;p

The pinyin and meaning is checked here, - Xiaoma Cidian.

Pssst! Anyone know the name of the flower in Pic 1? Local name, scientific name, anything? This isn't a trick question; i've no idea myself :p