Rabu, 3 Disember 2008

PTPTN: Payment 12

5 Zulhijjah 1429H

Pic 1 -

Remaining debt: RM 2,829.82

Again, GSO has failed to bank-in my scholarship for the month of November 2008. i wonder what are their excuse this time. How am i going to pay this semester's fee of RM1350? Borrow from a loan shark?

The GRF scholarship does not allow us to have two or more simultaneous incomes, and yet their actions speaks of forcing us to breach the scholarship contract.

Currently, am on a 2-week vacation at my hometown :D. Am home very early and very long due to monsoon season and Raya Haji, as well as sold-out bus tickets :p. Even though it's the rainy season here in the East Coast of the Malay Peninsular, it was kinda bright and hot this morning. However, as noon is easing away, so is the brightness; dark clouds are waiting to pour their contents :s.

Speaking of bus tickets, the one-way fare from KL to KB is
RM30.80 (fare) + RM9.30 (30% surcharge) = RM40.10 (total)!
Am wondering when are the public transport fares going to take a hand-in-hand downward hike with fuel prices. i wonder what is the government doing to ensure the welfare of its rakyat (people).

Rabu, 12 November 2008

PTPTN: Payment 11

Updated: 27th Nov 2008

14Zulkaedah 1429H

Pic 1 -

Remaining debt: RM 3,323.59

GSO UPM didn't bank-in my scholarship for one month :( that's why i was not able to make any payments last month.

Right now, am in the midst of waiting for GSO's email reply about the missing payment. i'm wondering what excuses are they brewing... Missing documents? World economy recession? Forgot? My fault?

=== Update: 27 Nov 2008 ===

GSO has secretly banked-in the scholarship :D. Thank you. No, no-GSO officer replied my email.

Khamis, 4 September 2008

Rabu, 3 September 2008

Ge hua ru ge yan

3 Ramadan 1429H

Pic 1 -

The proverb in Pic 1 is from the post (that is not mine :p),
Chinese Proverb of the day 070515.

The meaning of the proverb, 各花入各眼 (gè huā rù gè yǎn), is,

Different flowers matche different eyes
[Beauty is in the eye of the beholder]

~~ from the post Chinese Proverb of the day 070515
at CozyChinese.COM

i know there's a typo in the quotation but i purposely let it be as it is ;p

The pinyin and meaning is checked here, - Xiaoma Cidian.

Pssst! Anyone know the name of the flower in Pic 1? Local name, scientific name, anything? This isn't a trick question; i've no idea myself :p

Khamis, 3 Julai 2008

PTPTN: Payment 8

28 Jamadil Akhir 1429H

Pic 1 -

Aite. Am estimating by end of May 2009, this study loan of mine will be over! Insya-Allah :D. Then i can save for something else ;D *wink wink*

Rabu, 11 Jun 2008

Shou ren yi yu bu ru shou ren yi yu

6 Jamadil Akhir 1429H

Pic 1 - shòu rén yǐ yú bù rú shòu rén yǐ yú.

To find out what is written in Pic 1, find it in this post, Give a man a fish... . It's not my post by the way ;D. i'll still quote the meaning here, however, just in case some brains are too lazy to read ;p

To grant a man fish is not as good as to grant [teach] him fishing.
~~ from the post, Give a man a fish...

i had my Dearest in mind while meddling with the pic ;p.

Credits to
Sanpaworn Vamvanij
Xiaoma Cidian

Rabu, 14 Mei 2008

[Haiku] Life -- The hidden -- You

8 Jamadil Awal 1429H

Pic 1 -

A snap taken on the way back from the so called picnic with a twist ;p. i so love this pic ;D.

Wow! Another way of picturing "United we stand.." eh

Jumaat, 9 Mei 2008

Doa untuk ibu bapa

3 Jamadil Awal 1429H

i couldn't write an inspirational passage about my mother like Bekakira's Tribute to all Mothers! Especially my mum :x. So, here's a prayer instead ;)

See also,

Rabu, 16 April 2008

Naziha and her Greatest Journey Ever

9 Rabiul Akhir 1429H

Naziha has performed the umrah last month. Here is the link to her one-post log describing her journey and explaining her emotions while there, The Greatest Journey Ever. The log is written in spoken Malay.

To: Naziha.
Thanx for your advice. Will take heed and emphasize my plans, especially once my study loan is settled ;p. Hopefully soon! ;D

Ever noticed the varieties of what the term Malay refers to? See and read here, Malay.

An interesting read in the article Malays (ethnic group) is the Etymology section. Me wonder why this part was never taught in History classes.

Khamis, 20 Mac 2008

Ahad, 16 Mac 2008

PTPTN: Payment 1

8 Rabiul Awal 1429H


What is PTPTN?
Satirically some say it is ah long berlesen (licensed loan shark) ;p

Online, a debtor can print her/his Penyata Kira-kira (see Pic 1), and Penyata Baki Pinjaman (not inserted here).

Pic 1 - Penyata Kira-kira Mac 2008.

Khamis, 21 Februari 2008

Haiku: Wakeup - denial - reality

13 Safar 1429H

Pic 1 -

Hurm.. the repetition of a denial in the song,
Nirvana -- Smells Like Teen Spirit,
kept ringing in my head.

Urmm.. what am i denying? Aiyaa this subconscious mind of mine ;p

*shiver shiver shiver* it feels so cold and i'm shivering and blue in fingers and toes. Dunno why. Maybe because it's too late at night / too early in the morning, me joining the dew dancing till sunlight ;p

Isnin, 18 Februari 2008

Resipi: Kuzi ayam

10 Safar 1429H

Thanx to my mum for the recipe, see Pic 1.

Pic 1 - The emailed recipe.

My mum accidentally left out one more item
  • 2-4 tomatoes


By the way, it's written in Malay + English *and i don't mean Manglish ;p*

Haiku: New life - arrives - welcome

10 Safar 1429H

Pic 1 -

Jumaat, 15 Februari 2008

Ahad, 10 Februari 2008

Xinnian kuaile. Gongxi facai

2 Safar 1429H

A li'l bit of learning today ;)

xīn (new)

nián (year)

kuài (fast)

lè (happy)

Pic 1 - Xīnnián kuàilè.

gōng (respectful)

xĭ (to be fond of)

fā (to send out)

cái (money)

Pic 2 - Gōngxĭ fācái.

Credits to these sites for the characters, information, translation, crosschecking, etc
- Wikipedia: Chinese New Year
- Xiaoma Cidian

Selasa, 22 Januari 2008

meitian wo qichuang zaochen

13 Muharam 1429H

Uhh.. thought i could jump in and help here, Learn Mandarin.

mĕi tiān (everyday)

qĭ chuáng (to get up)

zăo chen (early morning)

Pic 1 - Summary of the above.

Credits for the characters, pinyin, and translation goes to this website, Xiaoma Cidian - Chinese English dictionary.