Rabu, 3 Disember 2008

PTPTN: Payment 12

5 Zulhijjah 1429H

Pic 1 -

Remaining debt: RM 2,829.82

Again, GSO has failed to bank-in my scholarship for the month of November 2008. i wonder what are their excuse this time. How am i going to pay this semester's fee of RM1350? Borrow from a loan shark?

The GRF scholarship does not allow us to have two or more simultaneous incomes, and yet their actions speaks of forcing us to breach the scholarship contract.

Currently, am on a 2-week vacation at my hometown :D. Am home very early and very long due to monsoon season and Raya Haji, as well as sold-out bus tickets :p. Even though it's the rainy season here in the East Coast of the Malay Peninsular, it was kinda bright and hot this morning. However, as noon is easing away, so is the brightness; dark clouds are waiting to pour their contents :s.

Speaking of bus tickets, the one-way fare from KL to KB is
RM30.80 (fare) + RM9.30 (30% surcharge) = RM40.10 (total)!
Am wondering when are the public transport fares going to take a hand-in-hand downward hike with fuel prices. i wonder what is the government doing to ensure the welfare of its rakyat (people).

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