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How to pronounce the name Ishak / Ishaq

Dikemaskini: 19 Zulkaedah 1433H / 4 Nov 2012M, Ah.
8 Zulkaedah 1433H / 24 Okt 2012M, Ra.

7 Zulkaedah 1433H, Sel.

The name Ishaq ( إِسْحَاقَ ) or Ishak is pronounced Is.haq, and not E.shak (E.shak as in solat Isyak).

You can look it up here...اسحاق
Note that you'll need to be able to read Arabic.

By the way, the name Ishaq is the name of one of the 25 prophets mentioned in the Noble Quran.

Try listening the nasyid 25 Rasul by Raihan, around minute 0:46 here:

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