Sunday, December 2, 2007

Asma ul-Husna a.k.a. 99 Names of Allah

Update: 22 May 2009

22 Zulkaedah 1428H

Pic 1 - Asma ul-Husna, written.

Asma ul-Husna.mp3
Asma ul-Husna, audio.
This is how i came to memorize the Asma ul-Husna. Heard it on telly ever since i was a wee lass ;p. They've stopped airing it during my late primary school life and has never been played since then; i wonder why.

Pic 2 - Asma ul-Husna, handout from secondary school.
Printed on paper school kids of my days call kertas gelek. Used to recite it at daily assemblies held in the morning before class, except for weekly assemblies. Thanx teachers, for the handout! ;)

Pic 3 - A repeat of Pic 1 without background.

Cross-checked the list in Pic 1 with a few sources. Amongst them
- Asma' al Husna - 99 Names of Allah
- books
Pic 2
- The Most Beautiful Names of Allah

Correct me if there's any mistake.


lovycat said...

do you know how long it took me to look for this bit of handout?? I was never sent to any asrama/ sekolah agama so i never got my hand on any of these - my brother had it once but i had to return it to him. I couldn't remember the lines after the 99 names "laisa ka mislihi..." so thanks, Allah bless!

Gula Kapas said...

@ lovycatYou're welcome :). Am really excited :). Glad you like it :).

I can seem to understand how you feel about your long search :). Same thing happened here. A microscopic effort from me to help others :).

If you had to lend it from your brother, my father had to lend it from me :). A sign how scarce these things are :(

Don't get me wrong, i wasn't sent to any asrama (boarding school) or sekolah agama (religious school) either. I went to a typical ordinary daily school @ sekolah menengah harian biasa. Thanx to the school's initiative to have us recite Asma ul-Husna every morning on school days :).

However, i really would like you to cross-check the spellings and all. As a precaution :)

Take care :)

maer wan said...
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maer wan said...
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Anonymous said...


Dear autor Thank you very much for Asma'ulhusna wallpaper, please allow me to make a copy and printing for my own purpose.

terimakasi mohon di halalkan atas pengkopian dan pengeprintan Asma'ulhusnanya. supaya bermanfaat buat saya.


Gula "gulaley" Kapas said...

@ Anonymous


Silakan :D

Semoga orang lain juga mendapat manfaat daripada usaha saudara/i

Anonymous said...

the 1 they stop airing was by product of al arqam.pity bcos that 1 was the best i hv ever listened to

Gula "gulaley" Kapas said...

@ Anonymous

No way! Really? Wow! That is new news for me :-\

Same for me here. i still prefer the one they stopped over the new ones nowadays.

And thanx for the update :)

athiQistina said...

salam . kak , saya ambil ek . nak bagi budakbudak kat sekolah (:
selama ni rasa nya diorang taktahu diorang baca apa . ikutikut jer .

terimakasih :DD

Gula "gulaley" Kapas said...

Silakan :)

missaa1902 said...

Assalamualaikum admin.

Syukran jazilan atas perkongsian, at last saya jumpa version yang cukup lengkap untuk saya kongsi bersama ibu & rakan2.
Ya, dulu masa kat sek rajin baca, hafal dgn versi yg sama cuma skang kena polish sikit ingatan ni. :)
Harap di sek zaman kini pun masih amalkan ini di assembly.
Mudah - mudahan perkongsian ilmu ini mendapat keberkatan daripada Allah. Wassalam. Terima kasih.