Rabu, 17 Jun 2009

Dad & Computers

23 Jamadil Akhir 1430H

Dad has a faintly bad spot for computers. Computers are as foreign as the continent on the other side of the world – behaving like you know, and yet ignorant of its customs.

Dad is a Generation Jones, who came to know computers some 20 years later in life. His acceptance is fair as he was once a typist – tapping away the QWERTY buttons on the old-fashioned typewriter.

Rapid evolution contributed to the bad spot; the old man was slow to catch-up, consequently couldn’t grasp the knowledge firmly although gave learning some tries. He was left at the furthest station.

Dad says modern life is too challenging for him, that it’s not a place for old men. He hates wearing glasses meant for his farsightedness. The glasses are aging traits that reminds him.

However difficult to assimilate computers in everyday life, and avoids being ruled by them, Dad does use the computer at work. At home, he uses it to listen to religious recitals.

Dad spores a similar spot for telephones, but that’s another story.

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