Sabtu, 13 Jun 2009

Ducky & Skwik’s Communication Myth

19 Jamadil Akhir 1430H

One myth. Two myth busters. Three endings: “Busted”, “Confirmed”, or “Plausible”.

One of the myths in human communication is, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”.

At a mamak eatery, Ducky the Martian Darling and Skwik the Venusian Scatterbrain were unintentionally putting the myth gears to work.

“Ducky hunny, why do we always fight? Where did we go wrong?”, Skwik asks.

“Both sides need to commit for a two-way communication to be. That’s where we fail, dear”, replies Ducky, ending with a sigh.

“But Ducky; what comes out your mouth contradicts what is written on your face. Should I believe what you say? Or trust what I see? It’s better to see once, than to hear a hundred times.”

“So, if you look ill to me, I’ll just drag your tail to a vet, even if you’re screaming fit and healthy”. An evil glee grew on Skwik’s face as an invisible syringe plunges the air.

Let’s leave Ducky and Skwik to themselves to finish their talk. The possible ending for Ducky and Skwik’s communication myth is: ...

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