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Guy Ring Finger and the silver ring quest

Dikemaskini: 8 September 2011M / 10 Syawal 1432H, Khamis.

8 Rejab 1430H

“What are the elements in suasa?”, Guy Ring Finger asked the To: Me jewelry saleswoman.

“Silver, gold, some...”, she replied.

Upon hearing the word “gold”, Guy was stunned and masked it with a set of nods.

Guy was on a quest for a special ring to milestone a very special occasion in his life. The bizarre quest required the special ring to be of neither platinum, nor suasa, nor white gold, nor yellow gold. That left the option to point him towards a silver ring.

For Girl Ring Finger, Guy had bought – simple and sweet – a beautiful white gold ring with a sole precious stone. At this point in time, Guy purposely ignored a ring for himself.

Hunting online, Guy discovers a silver collection of rings hosted by Tiff. A trip to the Tiff shop, Guy finds a corrugated silver ring of just the right size snugly hugging him. The silver little hoop was within Girl’s means.

Fast-forward several chapters later, both fingers married and exchanged their rings. They lived blissfully within company of the other.

After a check at DBP's official website, suasa can either be electrum or pinchbeck or something else. Just to be on the safe side, the Malay term is used.

Hukum memakai cincin suasa bagi lelaki Islam adalah HARAM!
Untuk mendapat penerangan lebih lanjut, sila dengar video ini sekitar minit ke-5:26

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Hi, TQ for dropping by my blog. Tell you this, your blog is sooo beautiful. I love it.

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@ Bubbles...ooo

Hi :). You're welcome :). Thanx too for dropping by :D.

Thanx for the blog compliments, though i'm worthy of it :p. The layout credits belongs to someone else who i've no idea of.

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Have a great day :D

Suchi berkata...

It looks very good. I like wearing Tungsten Rings very much. It will be rocking.