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PTPTN: Surat Pelepasan Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN

Update: 4th Oct. 2010.
20 Syawal 1431H.

Went with Abang to Wisma Chase Perdana to do a follow-up on my study-loan payment and if i'm in the clear, get my Surat Pelepasan Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN *that's a mouthful :-I*.

Pic 1 - Surat Pelepasan Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN.
Shown here is page 1 of 2. Page 2 is not shown in this post. Page 2 is the statement of my final payment.

If you're asking why the letter in Pic 1 is dated 28th September 2010, i've no idea.

A little cronology

My final study-loan payment was paid on 2nd April 2009. I thought i'd be contacted by PTPTN about the settled loan as they did bother to send me a summons just after i've freshly graduated though yet employed. However, PTPTN failed to take any action within one year leeway after the debt is settled.

My father and Abang insisted i write to PTPTN instead of waiting for them to write to me. After much procrastination, on 23rd June 2010, i sent an email to ask for my Surat Pelepasan. i didn't know what it was called at that time; hence odd names for it.

One week later (30th June 2010), i got an email from the Webmaster who CC'ed me his/her email to Unit Lejar Pinjaman, see Pic 2. Nothing was heard since. Later on, the staff at Kaunter 2 said the person in-charge is not around. No wonder; it was a one-way communication.

Pic 2 - CC'ed email from Webmaster PTPTN.

Two months after the email (26th August 2010), Abang help post a formal letter i wrote which inquired about my current payment status and request for the Surat Pelepasan. Prior to sending, i phoned-up PTPTN, intending to ask should whom i address this letter to. However, the machine put me on hold. Bored waiting, i ended the phone-call and just posted the letter, addressing it to PTPTN but with no specific receiver. See Pic 3. PTPTN's website mentioned no particular names nor units/departments either.

Pic 3 - Formal letter.

And today (29th September 2010), went with Abang to Wisma Chase Perdana to do a follow-up. Being in the building, you are lost of directions because the labels/signs there provide insufficient information to lead you; so be bold to ask for directions. All that the labels said was: Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional.

The man at the counter on the Ground Floor (told you, i don't know what unit) told us to go to the 6th Floor and inquire about my current payment status. If all is clear, then proceed to the 11th Floor to obtain the Surat Pelepasan. I suppose each floor has a specific name, unit, or department assigned to it but the name wasn't indicated anywhere.

On the 6th Floor, as you exit the lift, you're instantly lost. Facing the windowed-corridor, turn right. Enter the double-doors, and take a seat. There are no number-dispensing machine; so be smart to wait for your turn. When you think it's your turn, proceed to the counter and do your business. There are three counters: Kaunter 1, Kaunter 2, and kaunter SSPN.
No pics though. I myself was at a lost. I didn't know what to snap.

After some explaining and checking and more explaining, the officer at Kaunter 2 went through the door behind her. When she came out, she told me to go home, type a formal letter to PTPTN asking for a Surat Pelepasan. Post it. And give them 7 working days to process. I forgot though to which unit i should address it to.

This is when i withdrew my letters, Pic 2 and Pic 3, and gave them to her. She went into the office again, and probably telephoned the people on the 11th Floor because when she came out, she told us to go upstairs and take the letter.

On the 11th Floor, we got lost, again. We guessed which door to open but hesitated. Abang asked a passerby staff and she asked us to have a seat. As we waited, she returned and asked us to wait a little more. Then she asked for my I.C. number. As we waited for her to do whatever she had to do, another staff came and called my name. Then she handed me my Surat Pelepasan Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN! :D

Abang made me read it first *i wouldn't have read it there if he didn't tell me to :p*

According to the letter, if i am not contacted by PTPTN within the next 6 months about any matter, then I am liberated! And the Surat Pelepasan (Pic 1) will be the final official letter i receive from PTPTN.

Now to wait for 28th April 2011! :D

Thank you to Abang for helping me :)

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