Khamis, 4 Mac 2010

Mister Muu-muu

18 Rabiul Awal 1431H

Pang! – An idea hit my brain, and then infectiously ate away my writer’s block. Of the 1k stories, I forgot to write one about Mister Muu-Muu... until now.

Who is this Muu-muu fellow?

Mister Muu-muu is a neutered she-mackerel tabby. Yeah, a cat!

Muu-muu is actually called “Mama” by the neighborhood. Mama is neither the tame housecat nor hissing wildcat. However, when picked-up a few inches off the floor, she’ll stiffen and yowl.

Words of mouth say Mama was spayed by UPM’s veterinarians and put up for adoption, then an ex-housemate took her in. I’m unfamiliar with this person as she moved out of the rumah sewa after marrying; before I moved in. Mama, on the other hand, recognizes her owner’s scent immediately. Whenever her keeper came, the cat would jump for cover in the drain outside the terrace house. In the end, the owner gave-up taking Mama away.

And so did me. After I took her to a new house, the clever cat ran back to her old home; that’s the last I saw her. Built-in GPS you say?

Pic 1 - Her right ear was really clipped off at the tip. Poor Muu-muu :(

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