Selasa, 30 Mac 2010

After Facebook games: Real life. Quit and thrive!

14 Rabiul Akhir 1431H

Pic 1 - Message from a fellow FB friend.

Quitting Facebook (FB) games.

This time, meaningfully saying, “Get lost!” is replied with a smiling “Thank you”.

While writing this 1k story, I repeatedly mental-picture virtual risks if I quit: farm crops will wither, country fruits rot, café dishes on the stove turn stale, fish tank not profiting, vampire clan cripple, and zoo unmanaged. Virtual facts hard for a dedicated FB gamer to accept. A virtual lost. And a bad way to stop.

I wish to follow the footsteps of my fellow FB friend, very soon. Previously, I've tried to give-up... then found myself relapsing into playing again, and again. Quoting Abang: “Hati tak cukup kering”; I think that's my problem. After series of relapses, cold turkey is the only way to go for me.

Simultaneously, something needs to fill-in the vacant spot of the old interest. Maybe pick-up from where I left-off? Studies. Photography. Foreign language. Swimming. Or onto myself a new challenge?

With a prayer, here I go, again.

Real world, please welcome the new me!

2 ulasan:

bEkAkIrA berkata...

heck. it was not easy. but like my case I need time to read since I've tonnes of books I havent read. I've slowly reducing my fb intake. My guess is Mark Zucherberg (sorry not sure how to spell his name) did put loads of poppyseed in fb. No wonder most of us addicted to it. My friend said: u're playing too much games on fb, get a life. Although it's a bitch. Woopss... better stop now. Not trying to create a new post here. :P

Gula Kapas berkata...

@ bEkAkIrA

Happy reading :D.

Have cut down on the games. Now i only play
- SPP Ranch
- Country Story
- Farmville
- Island Paradise
- Restaurant City
- Happy Island

Going to cut down further but not sure which :D. Otherwise, it would be much, much longer :D.

Besides, got my studies to finish *vomit*. And other new things to learn :D