Rabu, 2 Mei 2012

Asma ul-Husna: Text and background color combination

10 Jamadilakhir 1433H, Ra.

Need the best color combination before i re-do and complete the list of 99 names. See the post, here: Asma ul-Husna [1-10].

Am not color-blind... probably just color-insensitive. Thus need help picking the color combo. Pay attention to the combination of font color and background color. The poll is at the end of the post. Can pick multiple, so pick the one(s) you like. The pic with the most votes will be used for the list.

The picture captions are the Arabic text (numerator) and background (denominator) color codes in HTML notation.

"Thank you" in advance.

Pic 1 - 000000 (text) / b1eae3 (background).

Pic 2 - 000000 / c3fff9.

Pic 3 - ebfc24 / 007114.

Pic 4 - ffffff / 490262.

Pic 5 - ebfc24 / a433c0.

Pic 6 - 000000 / eeeeee.

Pic 7 - ebfc24 / ea0e43.

Asma ul-Husna: Text Color & Background Color Combination Poll

Got other color combinations to suggest? Write in comments.

"Poll in Blogger post" was created as taught here: How to add Poll to Blogger Post?

To check color combination compatibility, go here: Colour Contrast Check

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