Khamis, 15 Julai 2010

Cotton photo freebies. Gerai Orang Asli Cameron Highlands

3 Syaaban 1431H

Pic 1 - The Polaroid edit.

I don't know the exact location on the map because there are no signboards or landmarks on the real route. It was also outside of my knowledge to lookup the location in Nokia Maps; the knowledge of which came after the trip :(

Pic 2 - The original of Pic 1.

Even though it looks like tilt-shift (see also miniature faking), there are no camera effects in Pic 2; in fact, no effect was intended. The camera was in Sport Spectator mode, i was in a moving car going downhill (from Ringlet to Kampung Batu Sebelas, see Map 1), and the curb on either side of the road is too narrow to stop safely.

View Kampung Batu Sebelas -- Ringlet in a larger map
Map 1 - Shown on the map is the mid-route between Tapah (in the state of Perak) and Cameron Highlands (in the state of Pahang).

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